Dec 12, 2014

Can you flow on this?

If you can rhyme over these beats I'd like to know, and possibly release it! The tempo and rhythmical pattern makes it a real challenge. But I'm convinced it's possible. I will reserve the rights to refuse any verse I don't see fit. Send recorded rhymes or comments to beatsbyjester(a)

Download a lowres mp3 here.

Sep 23, 2014

You Can't Run

92 bpm. I'd like to hear M.O.P. on this beat. There you go! something to live up to. Hard drums, pianostabs and strings. Beware of the pause after the first hook. Let me know what you think. Price: 1000 nok / 125€ / 170us$

Sep 9, 2014

Reflection Of Life

91 bpm. 
Wait for it... If your patience lets you listen past the intro, you will be rewarded. A lot of elements coming together nicely on this beat. The melody throws you sideways every now and then. Super catchy hook. Spit 16, but hold on tight! Price: 1000 nok / 125€ / 170us$

Mar 11, 2014

FREEBIE; Infiltrator

88 bpm
Aggressive and forward driving. Thumps through brick walls.
This beat demands convincing flows.

Download the beat for free here:

Jan 30, 2014

Tape Head

93 bpm. Anything but clean. Gritty nasty and crispy beat that will break necks if you let it under your skin. 1st verse starts after 4 bars. Price: 600 nok / 80 € / 100 us$

Jan 27, 2014


120 bpm. Hard core. Fast and unforgiving. Get your flow right on this beat or fall through the cracks. Verse starts after 4 bars. Spit it!! Price: 600 nok / 80 € / 100 us$

Jan 16, 2014


Nice analog feeling. No hook on this one, just a break or a transition between verses.
Price: 600 nok / 80 € / 105 us$


Nice and clean beat. Very open and leaves a lot up to the rapper. Careful turning it up as it kicks hard! first verse starts after 4 bars. 16/8/16/8 bars. No fuzz. Let me know what you think.
Click here to download.

Jun 13, 2013


Tomorrow should rather be called yesterday. This is a Premo-style 90's beat with hard ass drums and a chopped up sample. Spit flames!
Price: 600 nok / 80 € / 105 us$

Aug 15, 2012

I Gata Vår

Brand new Gatas Parlament-track out now!
Produced by Jester. Get it on iTunes for next to nothing.